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Hi Meenu Dawar, I now have 5 years experience with in this sector ,most recently as center manager of NTAFSE National Technical Academy of fire & Safety Engineering .

Widely being explored by the student in India safety engineering is a field to which all aspects of science & technical knowledge pertaining to fire& safety is linked it involves study of safer fire resistant equipments & plants ,its hazards & control measures in various associated engineering subjects. Gulf is the biggest fire prone area in the world. Became it has the largest storage of oil. Undoubtedly the highest budget of fire prevention & fire protection spent in the world is in the gulf they prevent fire by increasing the safety awareness of the people that translates in to thousands of job openings in the field of safety engineering officers & supervisors. As a result the largest installed base of fire protection system in the world is the Gulf . Anybody looking for a career in computer today is merely adding to the completion net creating a good opportunity as the initial batches would have. So fire tech and safety management course gives you a 10 years head start as compared to the other fields.

This course could mould you in to an excellent

-Safety officer
-Safety supervisor
-Safety warden
-Safety checker
-Safety instructor
-Safety auditor
-Safety in charge
-HSE assistant
-Safety engineer.

Main advantage of fire tech and safety management over other technical fields:

Meenu Dawar
(Centre Manager)

Undoubtedly salary: The main attraction of this course is the high salary. This course you can fetch in India or abroad especially if you are a 10th pass /undergraduate or graduate.