Affiliated with BSS, A National Development Agency Established in 1952 under Planning Commission Govt. of India

Trainer message

Message from the Head of Academics Sub Satpal Singh {Retd} ,Trainer NTAFSE

I have served Indian Army for thirty years with capacity was imparted to me as holding the appointment of Education Instructor , responsible for organizing Educational and Map Reading training , conducting of Examination and its documentation , associated in managing library and information room, holding of small arms, undergone field firing and battle inoculation.

I trained in fire fighting drill and use of fire fighting appliances all through my service in the Army. Imparted sufficient training in exercising security measure safeguard the Government property from theft , sabotage and fire risk , security of personal information and materials , physicals training during entire careers in Indian Army.

With experience I am competent to take quick action with least trouble and greater safety. Presently serving with NTAFSE as a trainer since last year which is as ISO 9001-2015 certified national technical organization in fire and safety engineering registered with Government of India and conducting the various technical educational courses through in India (specially in Punjab and Haryana all district/teasel levels.

In the present scenario industrialization is a global requirement and lot of fire risks in this field. So more and more manpower is essential need in fire and safety engineering . If an Indian youth qualified in this technical education he can serve in India and abroad as a fire technician and fire and safety supervisor.

Best of Luck to all.